Hezbollah, the Syrian Army and the Shi’ite forces continue to attack the Sunni rebels near the Israeli border. On Tuesday, the Syrian Army gave the rebel forces an ultimatum, telling them that they have 72 hours to lay down their weapons or face definite military defeat.

Watch: Assad’s forces attack the rebel-held area 

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The besieged Syrian rebels near the Israeli and Lebanese borders received an ultimatum on Tuesday from the Syrian Army and Shi’ite militias backed by Iran. They were told to lay down their weapons and leave or suffer a definite military defeat. 

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s army, Hezbollah and the Shi’ite militias have increased their attacks on the Sunni rebels near the Israeli border over the past few days. “They gave us 72 hours to surrender,” a senior Free Syrian Army member said.

Syria's Douma city after an airstrike

Syria’s Douma city after an airstrike Photo Credit: EPA-EFE

The rebels remain in the Beit Jinn area after they lost their strategic position on the hills last week. Beit Jinn is the last major rebel-held area south of Damascus. The Syrian Army and its allies are attacking the rebels from three directions.

The Syrian and Shi’ite forces plan to enter the Druze village of Hader on their way to attack the rebels in the nearby town of Quneitra. However, the Israeli government has promised the Druze in northern Israel that it will not tolerate any damage to the Syrian village, where many of the Israeli Druze residents’ relatives live.