Two Israeli citizens were recently charged with several serious security crimes. The two Bedouin women were in contact with a man who claims to be a member of ISIS. The man was helping them plan a terror attack in Beersheba.

Rahma al-Assad and Tasneen al-Assad

Rahma al-Assad and Tasneen al-Assad Photo Credit: Shin Bet Spokesperson

It was cleared for publication on Monday that the Shin Bet and Israel Police arrested in December two female Israeli citizens on suspicion of being in contact with terrorist groups affiliated with ISIS. The two 19-year-old Negev residents, Rahma al-Assad and Tasneen al-Assad, were recently charged with several security offenses such as contact with a foreign agent and planning a terror attack.

The defendants are both residents of the Bedouin town Lakiya. It is suspected that they were planning to carry out a terror attack in Israel against Jewish targets and therefore contacted various terrorist groups. The Shin Bet discovered that Tasneen was in contact via the Telegram messaging service with a man claiming to be a member of ISIS.

After she told the man that she was interested in carrying out a terror attack in Israel, he told her to surveil the security procedures at several populated sites in Beersheba: Ben-Gurion University, the central bus station and Kaye Academic College of Education.

The Shin Bet investigation also uncovered that the two planned to travel to the Sinai Peninsula to join ISIS. In addition, they uploaded content praising ISIS and calling for terror attacks against Jewish and Israeli targets on social media.

Aside from planning a terror attack themselves, the two defendants convinced a 24-year-old East Jerusalem resident to carry out a terror attack on behalf of the murderous terrorist group on New Year’s Eve.