Security forces arrested additional suspects for involvement in the November incident near Qusra in the West Bank, when a Jewish Bar Mitzvah hiking group was attacked by several Palestinian residents of the village.

The Bar Mitzvah incident near Qusra

The Bar Mitzvah incident near Qusra Photo Credit: TPS

Israeli security forces arrested seven Palestinians Sunday night suspected of involvement in the attack on the Bar Mitzvah hiking group in Qusra about three weeks ago. The suspects were taken into questioning. 22 other suspects were also arrested for involvement in terrorist activity, disorderly conduct and violence towards civilians and security forces.

As previously reported by JOL, 20 Palestinians were arrested earlier this month for involvement in the violent incident, with one of them indicted for attempted murder in a military court hearing. Two adults who chaperoned the teenage hiking trip were investigated after one of them shot and killed a Palestinian who attacked the group. The Israel police concluded that the shooting was carried out in self-defense.