The female terrorist that tried to stab a soldier at the Central Bus Station in Afula worked in the past in a kibbutz high school. The students that studied there identified her after her picture was published.

Photo Credit: Channel 2

Asraa Zidan Tawfik Abed, the female terrorist who implemented the stabbing attack at the Central Bus Station in Afula, worked in the past for a kibbutz school.  She had no security record and worked as a substitute lab technician for a few months, after the permanent lab technician went on maternity leave in 2013.

School officials and former students at the school recognized her picture.    “I saw her on video and knew it was her,” a former student reported.   “The truth is that I was surprised when I saw the name and realized it was her.  It was unreal for us.”

According to the Ministry of Education, she was employed by the Jazreel Valley Regional Council.  She evidently finished her job earlier than expected because she was “incompatible” for the job.  The head of the Jazreel Valley Regional Council was updated about this issue by a school official.