Security forces have arrested two Negev residents suspected of stabbing IDF soldier Ron Yitzhak Kokia to death on Thursday. One of the suspects led the interrogators to Kokia’s missing weapon. The investigators said that the attack appears to be nationalistically motivated.

Scene of the terror attack

Scene of the terror attack Photo Credit: Israel Police Spokesperson/IDF Spokesperson Unit/Channel 2 News

The Israeli authorities have arrested two people suspected of murdering Ron Yitzhak Kokia, the IDF soldier who was stabbed to death in southern Israel on Thursday. According to Shin-Bet officials, the security service along with Israel Police forces arrested the two on Friday night and took them in for questioning.

According to the Shin-Bet investigators, the existing evidence indicates that the attack was nationalistically motivated. During the questioning, one of the suspects linked himself to the terror attack and led the Shin-Bet interrogators to the soldier’s missing weapon.

It was initially reported that Kokia was stabbed by one terrorist who had fled the scene. Koukia then ran into the street and an Israeli driver, who failed to notice the injured soldier, accidentally hit him. The driver was injured and called the emergency services to the scene. Kokia was laid to rest at the military cemetery in Kiryat Shaul on Sunday.