Bedouin leaders met with Arad’s mayor on Tuesday after the terror attack in the southern city last week. The leaders denounced the attack in which 19-year-old Ron Yitzhak Kokia was murdered by two Bedouin brothers.

The meeting in Arad, today

The meeting in Arad, today Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

After it was cleared for publication on Monday night that the Arad terror attack suspects are two Bedouins who live near the city, the leaders of the Bedouin Negev communities met with Arad’s mayor. “We are calling on all young people not to turn to violence,” said the mayor of the Bedouin city Rahat during today’s meeting. “They [the terrorists] are weeds and we must root them out.” The Bedouin and Arab members of the Joint Arab List party did not attend the meeting.

“We denounce the terror attack and we are against violence,” said Rahat Mayor Talal al-Krenawi. “Don’t let this terrible incident harm the co-existence between us.”

“We support tolerance and are calling on all young people not to turn to violence,” al-Krenawi added. “We need to work together and live together. This is my country just like it is yours and we need to respond to these incidents with a firm hand.”

Yesterday, JOL reported that two brothers from the unrecognized Bedouin villages were arrested on suspicion of murdering 19-year-old Ron Yitzhak Kokia. According to the Shin Bet and Israel Police investigators, the two suspects stabbed Kokia while he was waiting at a bus stop across from a shopping center. The suspects connected themselves to the crime and recounted the murder during their interrogations. In addition, they led the investigators to Kokia’s weapon, which they stole from him after fatally stabbing him.