Bereaved families from the West Bank who launched a hunger strike until Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu approves funding for new bypass roads and security measures over the Green Line, said at a Likud faction meeting: “We cope with the pain daily, we do not want another disaster.” Netanyahu: “We will allocate NIS 200 million immediately.”

Adva Biton confronts PM Netanyahu

Adva Biton confronts PM Netanyahu Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

During the Likud faction’s meeting earlier today (Monday), bereaved families of terror victims from the West Bank clashed with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and demanded a response to their demands that the infrastructure in their area be improved. “We do not want another another disaster,” they said. At the meeting, the prime minister announced that he will allocate NIS 200 million for the immediate construction of bypass roads and another NIS 600 million in the 2019 budget.

“I buried my daughter, we cope with the pain daily,” said Adele Biton’s mother. Adele was four years old when she died from injuries that she sustained when Palestinians threw stones at the that car she was riding in. “We travel on the roads every day without proper lighting or (telephone) service. What are we waiting for, the next disaster? Official representatives come to our house, comfort us and share in our sorrow. Everyone is empathetic. But we are tired of talking, we want practical actions. The residents of the West Bank deserve a decision.”

According to reports, Netanyahu replied that there was no person present who does not share in their pain. “The need to solve this is real, (has lasted) for many years, and it has to be done. This is the decision we have agreed on today. You will express your pain, and we will make sure that there will be no more pain. I guarantee that we will protect the roads, protect you, the families and our citizens. This is our obligation and I think that we are embarking on a new path.”

“We are working on developing and protecting all parts of the country,” Netanyahu said at the meeting. “We have a clear commitment to solve the problem of the bypass roads in the West Bank, including the problem of lighting and other problems. I have just come from a meeting with the minister of finance and together we decided to immediately allocate NIS 200 million to paving the roads that are already planned, in the Qalandiya- Beit Aryeh area. We are going to arrange immediate funding for the other roads.”

Netanyahu also said that an additional NIS 600 million will be allocated to completing the roads and improving the infrastructure in the 2019 budget. “We are on our way, this is a good time. It is important for all of us- for the settlers, for the Likud and for all the people of Israel,” he said.