On Sunday, two terrorists were sentenced to life in prison after they were convicted of 12 attempted murder charges. The terrorists, brothers Nasser and Akram Badawi, injured two Israeli soldiers and two civilians by using sniper rifles in the Hebron area.


Illustration Photo Credit: Sakhorn Saengtongsamarnsin, 123RF/Channel 2 News

A military court in the West Bank handed down life sentences on Sunday to two brothers who injured four people during shooting attacks and attempted to carry out other terror attacks between November 2015 and January 2016. Nasser and Akram Badawi used sniper rifles in the attacks, which were carried out in the Hebron area.

The two were arrested in January 2016 after two IDF soldiers and two civilians were injured during their attacks. Recently, they were convicted after they confessed to 12 counts of attempted murder and several other security offenses. In addition to the life sentences, the court ordered them to pay 60,000 NIS in compensation to their victims.