Several young people attacked a bus that was traveling from Kiryat Shmona on Wednesday. The incident ended when a soldier who was on the bus pointed his gun at the attackers, scaring them away.

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The passengers on a bus traveling from Kiryat Shmona on Wednesday were shocked when the bus was attacked by several young people in a passing vehicle. In the footage from the incident, the assailants are seen throwing objects at the windshield of the bus and even attacking the right side of the bus with a hammer.

“I was in the right lane and cars were passing by using the shoulder,” the bus driver told Channel 2 News Online. “A truck arrived and wasn’t able to pass, so [the driver] started to honk.”

The attackers

The attackers Photo Credit: Or Yarok/Channel 2 News

The bus driver added that the young people in the truck then started throwing objects at the windshield while the bus was moving. When the bus stopped at a traffic light, one assailant began attacking it with a hammer.

When it appeared that the attackers were not backing down, an IDF soldier who was on the bus decided to take matters into his own hands. He got up from his seat and threatened the attackers by pointing his weapon at them. In response, they fled the scene.

“I made a mistake, but I attacked the bus only because the driver wouldn’t let me pass,” the truck driver said during an interview with Channel 2 News. “The bus driver for some reason decided to block us and we tried to pass him. He then started cursing and making offensive gestures. We tried to pass him again and he attempted to run us off the road.”