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Nir Hefetz, former top advisor to Netanyahu, becomes state’s witness

Nir Hefetz, who worked closely with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife, Sara Netanyahu, gave detailed testimony last night to the police ahead of turning state’s witness against Netanyahu in Case 4000.

Nir Hefetz, former top Netanyahu advisor Photo Credit: Flash90

Nir Hefetz, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s former top advisor, has signed a deal to turn state’s evidence in Case 4000, also known as the Bezeq Case. Ahead of signing the agreement, he gave police investigators detailed testimony.

Case 4000, regarding alleged corruption and media bribery, involves suspicions that Shaul Elovitch, Bezeq’s majority shareholder, ordered the Walla! news site to provide positive coverage to Netanyahu and his family. In exchange, Netanyahu advanced regulations benefiting Elovitch.

Hefetz himself is a suspect in Case 4000. He worked closely with both the Prime Minister and Sara Netanyahu, another suspect in Case 4000.

The Tel Aviv Magistrate’s Court released Hefetz and Elovitch from police custody on Sunday, but ordered them to remain under house arrest for ten days. They were further barred from contacting any of the other accused for 90 days. Furthermore, Elovitch may not leave the country for six months and is barred from entering a Bezeq office for 45 days.

Last Friday, the police questioned Netanyahu for five hours regarding Case 4000. He confirmed that he contacted Elovitch, although he claimed his motives were “ideological,” reported Channel 10 News Saturday evening.

Netanyahu said that he and Elovitch discussed neither benefits for Bezeq nor favorable coverage for Netanyahu. When they return from their visit to the US, the Netanyahus will probably be questioned again.

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