A mentally ill man entered the Lev Tel Aviv Police Station a couple of weeks ago and began shouting at the officers at the front desk. A female officer eventually tried to arrest him and when he resisted, the incident turned violent after she apparently lost control of herself.

Watch: Female officer attacks man- twice!

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About three weeks ago, a mentally ill man entered the Lev Tel Aviv Police Station and began shouting. The man presented himself as a security official and demanded information on two civilians. The female officer who was at the front desk eventually asked the man to leave the station. When he refused, she called for reinforcements and put her hands on the man in the attempt to subdue him so that she could handcuff and arrest him.  

The man resisted arrest and tried to flee the station. However, the female officer was determined to take him into custody. Even after the young man raised his hands in order to surrender, she attacked him and kicked him between his legs.

The incident at the police station

The incident at the police station Photo Credit: Security camera footage/Channel 2 News

When additional police officers arrived, they realized that the female officer had lost control of herself and decided to remove her from the room. However, she returned to the scene and attacked the man once again even though he was handcuffed and on the ground.

The Israel Police defended the female officer’s actions in a statement: “We seriously view every act of violence, especially those that are directed at police officers and public servants.”