Kahlon, married and a father of four, dies yesterday of his wounds

Captain Liad Lavi

Captain Liad Lavi IDF Spokesperson/Channel 2 News

After being injured in a grenade explosion on Tuesday the doctors have been fighting for Kahlon’s life, while his family members who didn’t move from his bedside were praying for his recovery. Kahlon, married and a father of four, dies yesterday of his wounds. He was eulogized by his friends: “We will never forget his inner peace and the smile which was always on his face”.

Doctors at Soroca Medical Center in Be’er Sheva spent four days fighting for Chief Warrant Officer Rami Kahlon’s life; however he died of his wounds in the hospital yesterday. Kahlon, a resident of Hadera, who served in the standing army in the Paratroopers Brigade, was wounded on Tuesday near the Israel-Gaza border, presumably by a grenade explosion. He left behind him his wife, Pnina, and kids Yossiel, Maor, Hill and Amiad.

Kahlon, who won the Chief of General Staff award for excellence, was promoted in his death to Chief Warrant Officer. His funeral will be held today at 17:00 in the military cemetery in Hadera.

His daughter, Maor Kahlon, wrote on her Facebook wall after he was wounded on her father’s condition “My dad is the bravest person I know. I was asking myself why of all the soldiers it had to be my dad, but I realized that God doesn’t face a person with something he can’t stand”.

Kahlon had asked her friends to pray for her father, expressing hope that “there will be no more wounded or dead, and that the operation will succeed and with God’s help be over soon”.

Hadera Mayer TZvika Gendelman eulogized Kahlon last night. “Rami Kahlon, a paratrooper, a resident of Hadera who was injured during the ground offensive in Gaza, has died of his wounds. Rami served close to 20 years in the military and was chosen for the CGS award of excellence in 2013”, Gendelman wrote on his Facebook page. He visited Kahlon’s family members, whom he personally knows “I am sending my condolences on behalf of all the residents of Hadera”.

On the Facebook page which was opened in memory of Kahlon, soldiers who served as his subordinates paid their respects one last time. “He was my commander – a pleasant, gentle and thoughtful person – this is hard to process,” wrote one of them. Another friend from the military, who knew him for 12 years, said that “the inner peace and constant smile we will never forget. I didn’t believe the awful news – rest in peace, we love you!”.

IDF Spokesman declared the deaths of two soldiers who died of their wounds yesterday: “Kahlon and Captain Liad Lavi (22). Lavi was promoted in his death to rank captain.

Lavi’s father, who interviewed for Channel 2 News while his son was still fighting for his life, told of his son: “Liad arrived at the hospital on Thursday night in mortal condition, with hardly any pulse and they saved his life at the hospital, and had been fighting for his life since. I hope that you interview me when he wakes up”. The father, Shmulik Lavi, referred to the humanitarian ceasefire: “my feeling is that I gave away my son, I sent him there and I expect the country to terminate this problem once and for all”.