A Jerusalem court ruled last week that the Palestinian Authority is liable for the 2001 shooting attack in which three Israelis were murdered. The court ordered the PA and the terrorists to pay a total of 62 million NIS to the victims’ family members.

The funeral of the victims

The funeral of the victims Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

The Jerusalem District Court recently determined that the Palestinian Authority and the terrorists who carried out the deadly shooting attack along Route 443 in 2001 must pay 62 million NIS in compensation to the victims’ families. The ruling that was handed down last week places the blame for the plaintiffs’ suffering on the terrorists and holds the PA responsible for aiding the terrorists and supplying them with the funding and the weapons for the attack.

The terror attack took place during the Second Intifada. The plaintiffs were traveling on Route 443, returning to their home in central Israel from a trip in Eilat, when the car in which the terrorists were riding pulled up next to them. From within their vehicle, the terrorists opened fire on the victims’ car, murdering Sharon and Yaniv Ben-Shalom and Doron Yosef Svari.

The Ben-Shaloms’ two young daughters were in the car with their parents. They survived because their mother covered them with her body in order to protect them. The two have been living with their aunt and uncle ever since they lost their parents.

The court noted that because there is a difference between the terrorists who carried out the attack and the PA’s liability, 40% of the 62 million NIS will be paid by the PA while the rest of the amount will be covered by the terrorists.