The writer called for physical harm to the journalist who introduced himself as a foreign correspondent to expose the Palestinian attitudes towards the conflict. Kimhi wrote “bring him to the stake”, and Tenenbaum argued in response: “This is simply a call to murder, it is scary to see it.”

Alona Kimhi

Alona Kimhi Channel 2 News/Flash 90 Moshe Shai

Threats to German-Jewish journalist Tuvia Tannenbaum after an article about his work: author Alona Kimhi, who even ran for the Meretz Party in the last election, called for harm to Tenenbaum who presented himself as a foreign correspondent by the name of “Tuvi” in order to “expose what the Arabs and the far left really think of Israel. “Tuvia’s activities were presented last weekend in an article by Yossi Mizrahi in ‘Ulpan Friday’”.

Kimchi, the partner of musician Izhar Ashdut, wrote on her Facebook page, “It is time to raise this Tannenbaum to the stake. I’ve got some friends in Lod who would love to do the dirty work and send him to be buried in the sands of Rishon”. The status was written in the person profile of kimchi, the content of which is not shown in public, but for her friends only.

The status caused a storm online, and the Legal Forum for the Land of Israel called on the Attorney General to investigate Kimchi because of her words. Tenenbaum commented on the words of Kimhi: “I saw the post last night, and the statements seemed very unusual and odd. I did not believe that someone could speak like that, and especially a woman who ran for Kenneset with Meretz.

Kimhi's Facebook Status

Kimhi’s Facebook Status Channel 2 News/Kimhi’s Facebook

“This is simply a call for murder – I do not know why she wrote it, I do not know her,” said Tenenbaum. “These people who present themselves as lovers of peace, if you do not agree with them, they want to kill you. This is how peace advocates behave? It was scary to read it. Bothers me that no one defended me, and no one spoke out against such a serious statement. I expected Meretz to condemn this incitement.”

Nachi Eyal, CEO of the Legal Forum for the Land of Israel, wrote that no way to interpret this other than as incitement. “The meaning of ‘raise him to the stake’ and ‘the dirty work’ and ‘sands of Rishon’, leave no doubt about what she meant and what the purpose of Kimchi’s writing was. Calls for violence and injury to civilians, law enforcement cannot ignore this,” he added.