Last month, nearly 500 scholarships were given to disabled IDF veterans at the four Beit Halochem Centers in Israel. At the scholarship distribution ceremonies, the donors had the opportunity to personally present the scholarships to the recipients.

Photo Credit: ZDVO- Zahal Disabled Veterans Organization

Throughout the month of December 2017, academic scholarship distribution ceremonies took place at the four Beit Halochem Centers for the 2016-2017 academic year. 460 academic and vocational training scholarships totaling $606,000 and 36 artists scholarships totaling $26,000 were distributed.

Donors, lawyers, executors of estates, family members and supporters attended the ceremonies, gave the scholarships to the respective recipients and honored us all with their presence. Scholarships were also handed out from donations received through friend organizations from all over the world.

Many soldiers who were wounded during their service found their dreams and plans suddenly shattered. The need to support and assist them in finding a new direction has become the highest priority in their rehabilitation process. For many of them, developing their academic skills and receiving support during their academic studies will enable them to obtain an education and provide them with the necessary tools to regain confidence and belief in their own ability to face the challenge of a new life. 

Photo Credit: ZDVO- Zahal Disabled Veterans Organization

Applications for academic scholarships are sent to the scholarship committee once a year for each completed academic year. In the 2015-2016 year, 415 academic scholarships totaling some $580,000 were handed out to ZAHAL disabled veterans. The amount of the scholarship (between $1,000-$1,500) depends on the disabled veteran’s disability and socio-economic situation coupled with the amount he has paid for his studies.

We hope, with the great help of donors and friend organizations, to continue assisting our members through this important project. Each of the scholarship recipients receives the donor’s name and any further information the donor wishes to provide. Many of the recipients send a personal thank you letter.

The donor receives the full details of the scholarship recipient (name of the university, faculty, which year and the amount given). Donors are invited to attend the scholarship distribution ceremony and to personally hand the scholarship to the recipients.