EL AL’s low-cost brand UP will stop operating in the second quarter of the year, the airline announced Wednesday. Instead of the low-cost brand, El Al will offer tourist class passengers three flight packages, one of which is similar to the packages offered by low-cost airlines.

UP plane at Ben-Gurion Airport

UP plane at Ben-Gurion Airport Photo Credit: Tomer Neuberg/Flash 90

El Al, Israel’s airline flag carrier, announced on Wednesday morning that it plans to cancel its low-cost brand UP and launch a new format of Europe-bound flights during the second quarter of the year. The airline explained that its planes for short flights will be renovated over the next several years. As part of the renovation, the tourist and business class seats in a selected part of the planes will be replaced.

El Al said that the new format allows passengers in the tourist class to choose from three flight packages. The most basic and cheapest option will allow them to board the flight with hand luggage only and receive a meal. However, they would have no ability to cancel or change the flight after ordering their seat.

The second option allows passengers to choose their seat, have checked-in luggage and change or cancel their flight for a fee. The third option is an all-inclusive package that includes additional flexibility regarding changes and cancelations.

The sale of tickets in the new format will begin in the second quarter of 2018 for flights that will depart from Israel at the end of the year.