The Israeli flagship carrier El Al told 10 passengers they cannot board their booked flight to Kiev, after boarding a group of foreigners who had been denied entry into Israel.

An El Al plane

An El Al plane Photo credit: Flash 90/Channel 2 News

At least 10 passengers were not allowed to board their El Al flight to Ukraine on Tuesday, because their seats were given to a group of foreigners who were being deported from Israel.

“I arrived at the airport three hours before the flight, but then I was told that I can’t board the plane,” said Yoav. “I told them I couldn’t wait because I had a business meeting in Kiev, but they said they had no room for me. I was forced to wait for another flight in the afternoon.”

El Al called the incident “unusual” and said the plane was overbooked “due to a request by the authorities to board a group of foreigners who must leave Israel immediately.”