77,000 Israelis, both departing and returning, are expected to pass through the airport in the upcoming day. The Israel Airports Authority is warning of flight delays due to Israeli Air Force activity.

Long queues at Ben Gurion Airport

Long queues at Ben Gurion Airport Photo credit: Azri Amram, Channel 2 News

Tomorrow (Wednesday), 77,000 passengers from 450 international flights are expected to pass through Ben Gurion Airport. Today, the Israel Airports Authority (IAA) announced that flight delays are expected due to the heavy air traffic as well as the limited number of civilian lanes.

“Tomorrow and on the following day, an increase of returning flights to Israel is expected especially from Uman (Ukraine),” stated the IAA. In addition, there will be an increase in Israeli Air Force activity, limiting the number of civilian lanes open for use.

Flight delays after holidays

Flight delays after holidays Photo credit: Moshe Shay/ Flash 90

“The result will be delayed landings including the flights returning from Uman,” the IAA explained regarding Israeli Air Force activity. According to estimates, there are about 40,000 worshipers currently in Uman, Ukraine.

Likewise, departures are also expected to be delayed on one of the busiest days of the Tishrei holidays. Tens of thousands are expected to return from their Rosh Hashanah holidays while about the same amount of people are expected to depart for a holiday.

Israelis in Uman, Ukraine

Israelis in Uman, Ukraine Photo credit: Reuters/ Channel 2 News

“We encourage passengers to stay updated regarding the time of their flight and we ask for their patience and tolerance,” the IAA added.