In an exclusive interview with Channel 2 News, a former Mossad official said that if the report about U.S. President Donald Trump’s Israeli intelligence leak is accurate, the Mossad’s sources and capabilities are at risks. He added that Trump has shown a behavioral pattern that proves that he is “irresponsible.”

IDF commandos

IDF commandos Photo Credit: Yahav Trudler/IDF Spokesperson’s Unit/ Channel 2 News

After it was revealed that U.S. President Donald Trump shared the details of a covert Mossad-IDF commando operation in Syria, a former Mossad official told Channel 2 News that the leak endangers Israeli intelligence sources. He stressed that Trump has shown a behavioral pattern that proves that he is “irresponsible.”

Gad Shimron, who was in the Mossad for about a decade and wrote a book titled The Mossad and the Myth, explained that if the report about the leak is accurate, Israel’s intelligence sources and capabilities are at risks. Shimron added that this is not the first time that these crucial aspects of a country’s intelligence system have been put at risk because of American conduct. He claimed that London has also suffered from intentional intelligence leaks by the U.S. because “the Americans decided that their interests were more important than the British request for secrecy.”

Shimron continued to criticize Trump, saying: “In my opinion, every person in the world who speaks to Trump is reevaluating the question whether to share information with him or not. He’s already proven to be irresponsible and his tweeting impulse is uncontrollable. It’s already harmed American foreign policy.”

As reported earlier by JOL, the Vanity Fair magazine revealed Wednesday the confidential information that Trump disclosed to senior Russian officials in May 2017. According to the report, the intelligence included the details about a covert mission carried out by IDF Sayeret Matkal commandos and Mossad agents in the heart of Syria

Last winter, about a month after Trump’s presidency began, two Israeli helicopters discreetly flew toward Syria and entered the country’s airspace undetected. The commandos and Mossad agents’ target was an ISIS terror cell that was trying to acquire a new and deadly weapon. The report added that the mission and the information that was obtained from it were at the center of the Trump intelligence leak that became an international scandal.