A crane, working on a residential work site, collapsed adjacent to a preschool in Givataayim. “injuries were avoided by stroke of good luck,” said a resident who arrived at the scene. Children were removed from the premises, and taken to a nearby school until parents arrived.

Crane collapse today

Crane collapse today David Badar

A disaster was averted today (Wednesday) in Givataayim when part of a crane collapsed adjacent to a preschool, while children were on the premises. 

The frightening incident took place on Jabotinsky street, where, for unknown reasons, the crane collapsed, causing panic at the nearby “Chavazelet” preschool. Children were immediately evacuated to a nearby school.

For a few long minutes, the children waited until parents arrived. Rescue workers arrived at the scene, along with officials from the Givataayim Municipality, including engineers, who attempted to diagnose the catalyst for the incident.

“With luck, no one was hurt” Scene of the collapse

“We arrived in the morning hours to Jabotinsky Street in Givaatayim, and immediately realized that an appendage of the crane became dislodged and crashed to the ground,” recounted David Bar, a paramedic, and among the first to arrive at the scene.

“The appendage stopped, and somehow didn’t continue to fall onto the preschool, which is located directly beneath the building site,” said the paramedic.  “When we arrived at the scene, there was panic and the children were evacuated to a nearby school, until parents arrived, with a lot of luck, this incident ended without injuries.”