A week after the terror attack in Har Adar, the settlement’s security coordinator, Amit Steinhart, was released from the hospital. In an interview with Channel 2 News, he recalled the terror attack and his personal acquaintance with the terrorist who murdered three of his friends.

Amit Steinhart

Amit Steinhart Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

When Amit Steinhart, Har Adar’s security coordinator, was evacuated from the scene of the deadly terror attack last Tuesday in critical condition, no one thought that after a week, he would be standing on his two feet and on his way home. “The second I caught the bullet in my shoulder, I understood that I was in the middle of a terror attack and I went into operation mode,” he recalled. “At 7:20 am, when the reinforcements came, I allowed myself to sit and take a breath and then I asked to talk to my wife. I wasn’t sure I was going to get home.”

“My condition was described as moderate to critical,” Steinhart added. “The bullet made two holes in the diaphragm and my left lung collapsed. The second bullet almost hit my spine but the big bone stopped it. I was hit but I’m still standing on my feet- a bit crooked but it will straighten out quickly.”

Steinhart stated that he got to know the Palestinians workers who enter the settlement on a daily basis pretty well. “I would always get out of my car, shake their hand and sit with them for a drink,” he said. “I even sat to eat with them many times. I maybe drank coffee with the terrorist once. Nimer [the terrorist] was always late. He was always the last. When he would arrive, I knew that my morning [shift] was over.”

However, last Tuesday was different. “What made him look suspicious was the fact that he was not complying with the orders,” Steinhart said about the terrorist. Steinhart said that once he realized that something was off, he was focused on stopping him and getting him away from the crossing. “I turned around to get a pen and that’s the second when everything blew up,” he recounted. “After I shot him for the first time, he got up and tried again. He wasn’t giving up for a second. He continued. I took another hit and that was already the end.”

Steinhart remembers his friends who were by his side during the terror attack but did not survive. He is especially grateful to Ori Arish, who saved his life with his bare hands. “Ori was fighting him with his hands in order to get the gun away from him but it appears he was already shot,” he said. “Ori was the one who really gave me the second or two to respond because he also shouted, ‘Amit, I saved you.’ He looked at me. He was there, and he knew that I was the one who was going to end what he had started, more or less. This was the first time I’ve pulled my firearm and shot a person. This was the first time I’ve killed someone, and I don’t regret it.”