The deadly terror attack in Har Adar this morning caught some of the residents as they were sending their children off to school. While some residents were shocked by the attack, one explained that the writing was on the wall.

Watch: Har Adar after the terror attack

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Following the terror attack in which three Israelis were murdered and another one was injured Tuesday morning, the settlement of Har Adar is trying to return to its usual routine. The fact that the terrorist was a resident of a nearby Palestinian village who holds a work permit did not surprise some of the Har Adar residents, who explained that at least 400 workers, most of whom are Palestinians, enter the settlement on a daily basis.

“We have a gate through which 400 workers enter Har Adar to work,” explained resident Avi Cohen. “The payment for their work permit we pay. Every resident pays for the worker he employs. The terror attack today is the price we pay for tolerance. We were the ones who asked that the gate be opened, not closed, for the workers. It opens three times [a day].”

Cohen added that despite the coexistence, it was clear that something like this would happen someday. “We encouraged the workers to come because we thought that it would lead to tolerance,” he said. “This is the only source of income for the workers from the nearby villages and I don’t know of any family here that has a worker who is from a different place, so it’s a shame that we’ve reached this situation. I have no doubt that this was a radical person that maybe just wanted money from the Palestinian Authority.”  

Har Adar residents and security forces in a school after the attack

Har Adar residents and security forces in a school after the attack Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

Liat Baroshi, another Har Adar resident, said that today is a difficult day for the settlement but stressed that the residents are trying to return to their normal routines. She said that the residents coexist with the Palestinians from the nearby villages without any problems.

“When my daughter left this morning for school, I never thought in my wildest dreams that such a thing would happen,” she said. “When I heard about the terror attack in the news, I immediately called the school to make sure that everything was fine. They told me that the principal gathered all the children and put them in a closed room with the additional security guards who arrived.”