In a Facebook post that one of his relatives uploaded after the terror attack, Har Adar terrorist Nimer Mahmoud Ahmad Jamal asked forgiveness from his family and his wife, who recently left him because he beat her. In the terror attack, three Israelis were murdered and another was critically injured.

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In the hours after the Har Adar shooting attack in which three Israelis were murdered and one was critically injured, details about the terrorist’s identity began to emerge. According to the initial investigation, 37-year-old Nimer Mahmoud Ahmad Jamal of Beit Surik, a father of four who had been issued a work permit for the settlement, committed the deadly attack. IDF and Shin Bet forces raided the terrorist’s home shortly after the attack.

Investigators have discovered that Jamal has family issues and a history of beating his wife. Due to his violent nature, his wife fled to Jordan a few weeks ago and left their children with him. It was also cleared for publication that Jamal was employed by the Har Adar Regional Council’s maintenance department. However, he was fired about four years ago because of his poor work performance.

Nimer Mahmoud Ahmad Jamal

Nimer Mahmoud Ahmad Jamal Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

Meanwhile, it was reported that a post appeared on the terrorist’s Facebook page shortly after the terror attack took place. In the post, which was uploaded by one of his family members at his request, Jamal asked forgiveness from his family and apologized for beating his wife. “What will happen is not her fault,” he wrote.

“When you wake up and put this on my Facebook page, let your conscience be clean,” he wrote to his relative who posted the message. “My wife was a good woman and a carrying mother. I’m the one who made a mistake in the way I acted toward her. My health is not good and what I’m going to do has nothing to do with my wife. I’m asking forgiveness from you and requesting that you raise the children.”

Jamal was also employed by some of the families in Har Adar. A member of a family that employed him for 14 years said: “If he would have come to our home, he would have killed me.” Meanwhile, a member of another family in Har Adar said that the recent events in his life probably prompted him to carry out the terror attack: “He told us that his wife fled to Jordan. They were in a fight and she left him with four young children.”