An IDF soldier was shot by what is estimated to be stray gunfire from the Sinai Peninsula. He was evacuated to a nearby hospital with minor injuries. IDF forces along the border did not return fire.

Israel-Egypt border

Israel-Egypt border Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

An IDF soldier sustained minor injuries on Sunday night after being shot from the Sinai Peninsula along the Israeli-Egyptian border. The IDF Spokesperson’s Unit said that the bullet is estimated to be stray gunfire from the current armed conflict between the Egyptian military and ISIS in the region.

The incident comes amid escalating tensions in southern Israel and along the Gaza Strip border. As previously reported by JOL, the IDF has increased security near the barrier along the Gaza Strip, including reinforcements of special forces.

Northern Israel has also experienced growing tension recently. Two incidents in the demilitarized zone along the Israeli-Syrian border resulted in the IDF firing warning shots at Syrian military outposts. “During the past several hours, the Syrian military carried out fortification work on a military outpost in the demilitarized zone [and] that is despite the disengagement agreement,” the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit said in a statement. “In response, an IDF tank fired a warning shot at the area.”