In an exclusive interview with JerusalemOnline, Im Tirtzu CEO Matan Peleg stressed: “It is important to take it down. The Arabs live there and when their kids see streets named after people whose life goal was to kill Jews, this also affects their lives.”

Photo Credit: Palestinian Media Watch

After JerusalemOnline reported that a street in the Jatt Regional Council was named after PLO terror leader Yasser Arafat, Im Tirtzu CEO Matan Peleg told JerusalemOnline in an exclusive interview that another street in Israel was named after Haj Amin Al Husseini, a Palestinian leader that was directly involved in the 1929 massacre that destroyed the ancient Jewish community of Hebron and countless other terror incidents:It is important to take it down. The Arabs live there and when their kids see streets named after people whose life goal was to kill Jews, this also affects their lives. It is bad for integration. It is bad for good relations. This is why it is important to erase the name of the street.”

The Grand Mufti and his followers were known for developing a close alliance with Nazi Germany. As part of this alliance, the followers of Al Husseini gave Nazi salutes, waved pictures of Hitler at rallies and places swastikas on their written materials.  The Nazis reciprocated by giving scholarships to Arab students, hiring Arabs in German firms and inviting Arab leaders to Nazi rallies at a time when Jews who lived within Germany their entire lives were denied such opportunities.

Haj Amin Al Huseini was on the Nazi payroll as an agent and propagandist.  He was behind the Great Arab Revolt of 1936-1939 and countless Arab terror operations targeting the Jews of Israel. The Grand Mufti was also actively involved in the Farhud massacre that targeted members of the Baghdad Jewish community in 1941. He actively urged European governments to transport Jews to death camps and not let Jews leave Europe, which contributed towards 6 million Jews getting slaughtered in the Holocaust. In addition, he was involved in training pro-Nazis Bosnian forces, who committed countless atrocities. The Grand Mufti smuggled Nazi loot into Arab countries. According to Peleg, his organization took this issue very seriously and did everything in their power in order to expose it for naming a street after Al Husseini is akin to naming a street after a Nazi.

According to Peleg, the street named after Al Husseini is set to be renamed and so is the street named after Palestinian terror leader Yasser Arafat, who is responsible for murdering thousands of Israelis from the establishment of Fatah in 1958 till his death in 2004: “From what we understand, yesterday, Minister Aryeh Deri said they have 48 hours to take it down.  The city already agreed to take it down. There is no question. It is going down. If not in a few hours, then in a few days. We won. Now, we need to check and see that it really will happen.”

Peleg noted that many Israeli Arabs supported how Im Tirtzu took action in order to see to it that both the Arafat street sign and the Al Husseini street sign will be removed: “The people of Jatt support our move. They say this harms the reputation of Jatt. Many people want to live their lives. It is a normal city in Israel. The problem is that the good people are quiet. Most Arabs are good people. But sometimes the radicals take over and are active while the good people are passive. People are afraid to speak. The radicals take advantage of this. But when you name a street in Israel after a terrorist who killed Israelis, this is anti-Zionist and very dangerous. This is a norm we cannot accept. This is why Israeli society was shocked by it.  And this is the reason later on even the Prime Minister heard about it and Deri asked for it to stop it immediately.”