As Israelis prepared to celebrate the country’s 70th Independence Day, security forces were thwarting attempts to carry out attacks during the holiday. Near Jenin, a truck carrying “very powerful” explosives was stopped and the driver was arrested. At the Qalandiya checkpoint, a Palestinian armed with a knife was arrested.

Watch: The truck at the crossing (Video Credit: Photo Credit: Defense Ministry’s Land Crossings Authority)

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Security inspectors at the Reihan Crossing near Jenin discovered on Wednesday afternoon a truck that was carrying explosive devices. The Israeli security establishment believes that the Palestinian driver was supposed to deliver the bombs to someone in Israel who was planning to use them in a terror attack during Israel’s 70th Independence Day.

The inspectors from the Israeli Defense Ministry’s Land Crossings Authority found the explosives when they were carrying out a routine inspection of the truck. According to the police sappers who defused the bombs, the devices were “very powerful.” The driver was arrested and taken in for questioning by the Shin Bet and IDF.

Palestinian media outlets claim that following the smuggling attempt, IDF troops entered the nearby Umm ar-Rihan village and searched the driver’s home.

The truck

The truck Photo Credit: Defense Ministry’s Land Crossings Authority

A 32-year-old Gaza resident was arrested earlier on Wednesday at the Qalandiya checkpoint south of Ramallah after security forces found a knife in his possession. The suspect was taken in for questioning. It appears that he was planning to carry out a stabbing attack.

The knife at at the Qalandiya checkpoint

The knife at at the Qalandiya checkpoint Photo Credit: Israel Police Spokesperson