Heavy rainfall in Israel’s north caused significant flooding, particularly in Haifa and the surrounding area, where 60 mm rain fell in just a few hours. While most of the heavy rainfall is behind us, Israelis can expect a wintry week to come.

A beautiful day in the neighborhood

A beautiful day in the neighborhood Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

A day after Israelis set their clocks back, heavy rain and flooding today (Monday) announced winter’s arrival. The heavy rainfall caused flooding in the northern parts of the country and along the coastal plain, where 60 mm rain fell within a span of just a few hours.

Haifa’s Paz bridge was completely blocked off due to the weather, as was the underground water crossing at Checkpost, which connects Haifa’s industrial areas. In Atlit, one lane was blocked at the entrance to the city due to a hole that opened up in the road, while Nesher’s Bar Yehuda Road was blocked from Yagur to Nesher due to severe flooding.

Though the worst of the rainfall is already behind us, Israelis can still expect drizzles throughout the day, especially along the northern coast. During the day it will remain partly cloudy all throughout the country. One good thing about all of this rainfall is that it will hopefully replenish the Sea of Galilee’s water levels and farmers around the country are sure to be pleased with the weather.

The week to come will likely be just as cold and rainy, with cloudy skies and lower-than-usual temperatures for the season.