Israeli security forces revealed on Wednesday that an intricate terrorist plot planned by the Palestinian Islamic Jihad against the IDF’s navy was recently foiled. 10 Palestinians from Rafah were arrested on board a fishing boat that was collecting intelligence on IDF vessels in preparation for the attack.

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The Israeli Shin-Bet and IDF navy have arrested 10 Palestinians from Rafah suspected of planning an attack on an IDF marine vessel, Israeli security forces reveled on Wednesday. The operation took place three weeks ago and was recently released for publication.

As part of the attempted attack, the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) was planning to launch a missile onto an IDF navy boat off the Gaza coast, after which they would abduct any surviving or slain soldiers. The terrorist group planned to lure the Israeli troops closer with several fishing boats.

According to a joint statement by the Shin-Bet and the IDF, the plot was foiled on March 12 after a navy patrol squadron discovered and seized a Palestinian boat that had left the designated fishing zone near Gaza in order to collect intelligence on Israeli troops. The Palestinians on board were arrested and taken into questioning.

Boats off the Gaza coast

Boats off the Gaza coast Photo Credit: IDF Spokesperson’s Unit

Among those detained is fisherman Amin Saadi Muhammad Jumma’a, 24, a PIJ terrorist who was indicted on Wednesday for planning a terrorist attack and collecting intelligence on IDF troops. During his questioning, Jumma’a revealed he had received instructions from PIJ’s leader in Rafah to carry out the attack as part of the terrorist group’s retaliation following the destruction of terror tunnels by the IDF in October.

Jumma’a told Israeli interrogators that the plan was for one boat to act as a diversion by leaving the fishing zone, a second boat would attack the ship with a Kornet (anti-tank) missile and a third boat would then arrive and take hostages and the bodies of those killed. In preparation for the attack, Jumma’a carried out observation missions to collect intelligence about the location of the navy ships and the number of soldiers and weaponry on board. According to Israeli security forces, the nine other suspects are not members of the PIJ terrorist group.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday congratulated the security forces for foiling the terrorist plot. “This serves as evidence to the real intentions of the terrorist groups in Gaza, who are attempting to camouflage their murderous plans with provocations along the security fence,” Netanyahu said. “The purpose [of the protests] is to cover for terrorists planning to carry out terrorist activity against Israel.”