The transfer of the US embassy to Jerusalem, which is scheduled to coincide with Israel’s Independence Day celebrations, may be held back due to local bureaucracy as further permits are reportedly needed to comply with the US’ security needs. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed on Tuesday that he will not let “redundant” red tape harm the process.

US embassy in Tel Aviv

US embassy in Tel Aviv Photo Credit: Krokodyl/WikiCommons

The move of the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, planned to fall on Israel’s 70-year independence anniversary, may ultimately be delayed due to red-tape troubles, Israeli media reported on Tuesday. During a meeting between the US delegation with Israeli authorities about the transfer, the American officials had reportedly clarified that the designated compound must first undergo required construction work to ensure the site’s security.

Among the necessities brought up by the delegation was the need for a sealed wall over three meters in height that would surround the compound, as well as the paving of an escape route. However, the local outline of construction of the intended compound, which is currently being used as the US consulate offices, is not currently suited for these requests.

The Israeli Foreign Minister has now reportedly alerted Israel’s Ministry of Finance that the transfer deadline would not be possible if authorities wait for the necessary construction permits. the office of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in a statement: “The prime minister will work determinedly and promptly in order to ensure that the American embassy will be moved on the scheduled date, and will not permit redundant bureaucracy to harm the process.”