An IDF soldier was found dead at a bus stop near a large shopping center in the southern Israeli city of Arad. The attacker fled the scene.

The scene of the attack

The scene of the attack Photo credit: Israel Police/Channel 2 News

Yesterday (Thursday), a 20-year-old IDF soldier was stabbed to death by a terrorist in the southern-Israeli city of Arad. Preliminary details indicate that the victim was found lying on the ground at a bus stop near a large shopping center in the city.

Security forces are searching for the terrorists who fled the scene. A helicopter was reportedly launched as well. Magen David Adom paramedics were called to the scene and performed life-saving medical treatment including CPR. However, they were left no choice but to determine the time of death. “He ran towards me while vomiting blood,” stated a passerby who first noticed the victim. “I got out of the car and called for help.”

Photo credit: Channel 2 News

“Police forces, including special units, are conducting extensive searches in the area … in order to locate the suspects,” the police said in a statement. “We believe this was an act of terror and therefore we are acting quickly and cautiously.”