Today, the Israeli Supreme Court rejected an appeal calling for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to be investigated under caution in the Submarine Affair.

Supreme Court won't intervene

Supreme Court won’t intervene Photo Credit: Reuters/ Channel 2 News

Today (Sunday), the Israeli Supreme Court rejected the appeal that demanded it to force the police to investigate Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu under caution in the Submarine Affair.

According to the appeal, there is enough information known to the public that justifies an investigation against Netanyahu. The social activist who filed the appeal even detailed facts published by the media and stated that not investigating the prime minister is “extremely unreasonable.”

In response, the Attorney General, the State Attorney and the prime minister stated that the purpose of the appeal is to transfer the investigation procedures to be under the court’s review.

“The appeal should be rejected,” the Supreme Court ruled. “Due to the lack of grounds for intervention in the conduct of law enforcement agencies in the investigation.” The court emphasized that it is not its duty to replace the judgement of the investigating and prosecuting authorities.