In a video recorded at Ben-Gurion Airport on Monday morning, extremely long lines of Israelis waiting to go through passport control are seen. The Israel Airports Authority said that over 2 million people enter Israel via the airport in the summer months and that lines should be expected.

Watch: Footage from the airport, today

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After complaints were made last week about long lines at Ben-Gurion Airport’s passport control for Israelis who do not have biometric passports, hundreds of Israelis had no choice but to wait in long lines once again on Monday morning in order to enter the country.

In video footage that Channel 2 News obtained, the Israelis are seen waiting for their turn at the lone passport control counter that was open for regular Israeli passport holders.

The Israel Airports Authority stated in response that over 2 million passengers enter Israel via the airport during the summer months and thus Israelis should be patient while waiting in the lines.