Large police forces are securing the Jerusalem gay pride parade. 12 suspects were arrested, one of whom was carrying a knife.

Police blocked streets

Police blocked streets Photo credit: Channel 2 News

This evening (Thursday), under heavy security and high-alert, the annual Jerusalem gay pride parade began. Approximately 12,000 participants arrived to take part in the parade. 2 years after Shira Banki was murdered during the parade, the Israel Police isn’t taking risks.

12 suspects have been detained so far for attempting to disrupt the parade, 1 of whom was carrying a knife. All of the suspects were brought in for questioning.

The knife

The knife Photo credit: Israel Police Spokesperson’s Unit/ Channel 2 News

Approximately 1,000 police officers are deployed along the route of the parade in a number of security positions, including the location of suspects, undercover detectives, cameras and aerial technologies. Many streets have been blocked.

The parade, today

The parade, today Photo credit: Channel 2 News

Yesterday, the Jerusalem District Police arrested a 33-year-old Haredi Jew from Beit Dagan after he posted inciting Facebook posts. “You lost one,” he wrote in reference to Banki’s murder. “I hope there will be more extremists.” The man was released on the condition that he doesn’t enter Jerusalem during the parade.

Shira Banki

Shira Banki Photo credit: Channel 2 News

Meanwhile, the Israel Police has approved the right-wing Lehava group’s request to conduct a protest against same sex couple adoptions near the parade.