After many world leaders spoke out against US President Donald Trump’s expected announcement about Jerusalem’s status, news agencies began interviewing the residents of the city to gain insight into their opinions on the matter. “This matter shows how President Trump is biased in favor of Israel,” an Arab resident stated.

Watch: Jerusalem residents on Trump’s expected announcement

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Ahead of US President Donald Trump’s expected announcement regarding America’s position on Jerusalem, reporters from various news agencies headed to the streets of the city to ask residents what they think about the possible US embassy move. The Arab residents had different answers to the question compared to the Jewish residents, a fact that demonstrates the sharp divide between East Jerusalem and West Jerusalem.  

“This matter shows how President Trump is biased in favor of Israel and how much he doesn’t care about the Palestinians and the situation in the Middle East,” said Jerusalem resident Fahd al-Rishik. “Moving the embassy to Jerusalem is a major turning point and significant change in the region. It will cause a lot of trouble for the Palestinians and the Palestinian political parties.”

Syed Nasar had a sharper opinion. “It’s the responsibility of the Arab leaders,” he explained. “They need to cut the relations with the United States and push for the nullification of the decision to move the embassy. I hope that our brothers, the Arab leaders, unite against the embassy move.”

Jerusalem resident Muhammad Talib made a religious argument against the decision: “The embassy move to Jerusalem puts Al-Aqsa at risk and erases the honor of Muslims.”

The city of Jeruslaem

The city of Jeruslaem Photo Credit: Amit Waldman/Channel 2 News

However, Erez Goldman expressed his support for Trump’s expected decision, calling it “very important.” He added that the US should have recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital 70 years ago.

“I’m very, very happy,” resident Brian Luben said. “I think it’s about time. It’s taken them a long time but I think this is the first time a president of America is keeping to his promises and he’s doing everything.” Luben concluded about Trump: “This is a man of action, not a man of words.”

However, not all the Jewish residents support Trump’s expected decision. “I do think that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. However, I think that the move of the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem will probably cause chaos that is unhelpful,” Hannah explained.