On Friday afternoon, Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman stated that the shooting that took place yesterday afternoon near the West Bank village of Qusra was an act of self-defense. Liberman added that the Palestinians left the village “with the intention of lynching children.”

Watch: Israeli boy attacked by Palestinian youth recalls terrifying moments of the attack

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Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman responded on Friday to the incident near Qusra, coming to the defense of the settlers. Liberman wrote on Twitter that the settler who shot the Palestinian rock thrower “saved the hikers from the tangible and imminent danger to their lives.”

“Yesterday, rioters left the Qusra village with the intention of lynching children who were on a bar mitzvah trip in Samaria,” he added. “The use of a weapon for self-defense is a moral value that the law in every democratic state protects.”

The scene of the incident

The scene of the incident Photo Credit: TPS/Channel 2 News

A few hours before Lieberman voiced his support for the settlers, two adults who were accompanying the group were questioned under caution for suspected negligent homicide.