Just a week after a serious case of price tag harassment in a Palestinian village, this time police believe that Israeli extremists could have slashed the tires of nearly thirty vehicles in the Palestinian town of Sharafat, near Jerusalem. On one of the walls in the town, the vigilantes wrote, “Arabs=Thieves” and “No to Co-Existence”.

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Suspicion of another event of price tag vandalism near Jerusalem: During the night between Tuesday and Wednesday, the tires of over 30 vehicles in Palestinian village of Sharafat near the Jila neighbourhood in Jerusalem.

From the initial investigation it was revealed that besides slashing the tires of the town’s residents, disturbing graffiti statements were written on the walls of Sharafat, stating things like “Arabs=Thieves” and “No to Co-Existence”. The Israeli police continue to investigate the racist acts in the hopes of identifying the guilty suspects.

In the ‘Price Tag’ forum, the harassment in Sharafat was highly criticised: “These ‘price tag’ criminals continue to cause serious damage to the property of Arabs living in Jerusalem and the surrounding area unabated. The security and property of Arabs living in Abu Gosh, Sheik Jarah, Beit Hanina, Abu Tor, Beit Safafa and Sharafat is put at risk continuously by Israeli citizens. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has essentially lost all control over what goes on in the Arab neighbourhoods of Jerusalem”.

Sharafat, this morning.

Sharafat, this morning. Photo Credit: Jerusalem Rotary Club

Last week, the tires of 16 vehicles and one bus were slashed in the neighbourhood of Ain Eiloza also in Jerusalem. Near the vehicles, another racist statement was painted on the wall, “Arab Workers – No Assimilation”.

'No Co-Existence', today in Sharafat.

‘No Co-Existence’, today in Sharafat. Photo Credit: Channel 2

Last month in the Palestinian village of Dir Istiah near Ariel the door of a mosque was burnt down and graffiti was written on the walls reading “Greetings from Kusrah”. One of the village residents saw the fire burning at the mosque at around 3:00 AM Israel time and began attempts to put it out. The residents believed then and continue to believe that settlers from the West Bank are responsible for the fire and the racist graffiti, or what they call ‘acts of terror’.

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