According to Mossad chief Yossi Cohen, no one is stopping Iran from expanding its presence in the Middle East. However, he clarified that the Mossad “has eyes and ears in Iran,” alluding to covert Israeli operations in the Persian country.

Iranian army equipment

Iranian army equipment Photo Credit: EPA

On Tuesday, Mossad chief Yossi Cohen revealed that Israel has “eyes and ears” in Iran. Speaking at a closed event at the Israeli Economy Ministry, Cohen commented on the Iranian military buildup in Israel’s northern neighbors, Syria and Lebanon: “The Iranians are rushing into the Middle East without any opposition.”

According to Cohen, Tehran has a “ground and aerial corridor that pours militants into the Middle East.” Cohen also mentioned the recent wave of anti-government protests, saying that despite the fact that Iran’s economy has improved since the signing of the nuclear deal, the citizens of the country are not benefiting from the new situation and therefore took to the streets.

As reported by JOL last week, the Shin Bet and IDF recently uncovered an Iranian-backed terror operation in the West Bank. The terrorists were reportedly recruited and paid by an Iranian intelligence agent who lives in South Africa.