The nurses in the maternity ward at Haifa’s Carmel Medical Center gave the wrong baby to a new mother, who ended up breastfeeding him before the mistake was realized. The hospital has apologized to both of the new mothers.

Haifa’s Carmel Medical Center

Haifa’s Carmel Medical Center Photo Credit: Ldorfman/Wikimedia Commons

A first-time mother from Haifa was horrified to find out that her newborn son was breastfed by another woman after the nurses at the hospital mixed up the infants. The incident took place at Haifa’s Carmel Medical Center, the Israel News Company reported on Tuesday.

Hanan Odeh noticed that something was wrong when she saw a baby who looked just like hers being breastfed by another young woman. She quickly notified the staff and the babies were returned to their mothers.

The head of the hospital’s maternity ward, Professor Avi Rothschild, apologized to the couple whose baby was breastfed by another woman. “There can be no excuses,” he told the first-time parents in a phone conversation that they recorded and shared with the Israeli news network. “We are taking this very, very seriously. We are responsible. I apologize from the depths of my heart.”

However, the father is still outraged. “They ruined our happiness,” he told the Israel News Company. “We were planning to have a celebration at the house, but they ruined our happiness. We are worried.”