Jacqueline Roas, whose daughter was murdered in 2005, met on Tuesday with Marina Kostylev, the policewoman who was able to crack the case after nine years by taking a DNA sample from a detainee in a different case.

Jacqueline Roas (left) and Marine Kostylev

Jacqueline Roas (left) and Marine Kostylev Photo credit: Israel News Company

Jacqueline Roas, whose daughter Rinat was brutally murdered in 2005, was finally able to reach closure on her devastating loss last month, when her daughter’s killer was sent to prison after escaping the law for nearly a decade. On Tuesday, she met the police officer who identified the killer.

In 2014, nine years after the murder, Marina Kostylev, a police officer who worked at the Kiryat Malakhi station, arrested a man suspected of involvement in a fight and decided to take a DNA sample from him. About a month later, she was told the DNA sample matched with DNA taken in 2005 from the murder scene. She was also awarded for her contribution to the case.

Bilal Shaker, 33, from the village of Bu’eine Nujeidat in northern Israel, was convicted of murder, rape and sodomy in late November and sentenced to life in prison.

“For nine years we searched for the murderer,” Jacqueline said. “Whenever I was walking down a street, every person seemed like a suspect. I would accompany my kids everywhere they went because we didn’t know who it was and we were scared.”

“Marina is the angel that put us out of our misery,” she added. “She was resourceful and she made the right decision.”