In the Kiryat Shaul cemetery in Tel Aviv, hundreds came in order to bury Miriam and Emmanuel Riva, the Israeli couple who was murdered in the Jewish Museum in Brussels. Belgium reported that a suspect was arrested and then denied the report.

Murdered Israeli couple

Murdered Israeli couple Photo Credit: Channel 2

Hundreds of relatives and friends arrived yesterday to the Kiryat Shaul cemetery to bury Miriam and Emmanuel Riva, the Israeli couple murdered in the Jewish Museum in Brussels last Saturday. Meanwhile, Belgium reported that a suspect was arrested. The Belgian prosecution then rushed to deny the report, arguing that a suspect was arrested for terrorist activity, but is not suspected of being behind the attack on the Jewish Museum.

Ayelet Riva, the daughter of the couple, stated while crying: “There are so many words. There are so many stories and so many jokes. There are many things that remain for me to see: finishing school, getting drafted and released from the IDF, getting work and principally growing up. I transformed from being a teenager to a woman. It is difficult to forget your nice smile, the wonderful laugh. I will miss your magical words, love, soul, and worries. Like that, there are many things left for me to see. Among them is my love for you.”

Israeli Internal Public Security Minister Yitzhak Aharonovich also attended the funeral: “We find it difficult to digest the news and the bitter loss, which is the product of a shocking attack carried out in Brussels, a hate crime in which Miriam and Emmanuel Riva were shot dead by a criminal murderer along with two other innocent people.”

“Miriam and Emmanuel went to celebrate and mark their 18th wedding anniversary and to our sorrow, returned in coffins and are no longer alive. They were ethical people, humble, committed, thorough, and pleasant; worked for many years in public service, were engaged in diverse fields and performed a variety of challenging and complex roles. Yet, they established a loving and ethical family, raised two girls on love and morality.”

“For the dear Riva family,” Aharonovich continued, “in the name of the Israeli government and the Israeli Internal Public Security Ministry, I would like to express my condolences and deep sorrow. The entire Israeli people are one family, a partner in the difficult feelings.” He noted that the attack was the “product of anti-semitism and racial incitement in Europe. We rely on the Belgian government to severely punish the murderers.”