A Spanish-speaking Israeli family found themselves in Ramallah after mistakenly turning north into Palestinian Authority land. IDF reservists were sent to a nearby checkpoint while the police escorted the family telephonically out of the city.

The city of Ramallah

The city of Ramallah Photo Credit: Nati Shohat/Flash 90

This Saturday, a family of five lost their way and ended up in Ramallah. Upon realizing their mistake, they called the police, who guided them telephonically until they reached military forces.

The family, who speak Spanish, lost their way while using Waze, a GPS app. The family mistakenly crossed the Kalandia border crossing north of Jerusalem and thus found themselves in the Palestinian Authority’s land.

In addition to the police response, the IDF’s Ramallah Brigade sent reserve forces to the area and the Israeli Civil Administration arranged to meet the family at the Al-Ram crossing. The family, three kids and their grandparents, were subsequently escorted to Jerusalem. Throughout the events, the family’s seven-year-old son spoke with the Israeli security forces.

Two weeks prior, two IDF soldiers entered Jenin due to a navigation error. A group of Palestinians encircled the vehicle and began to throw stones. Palestinian police officers removed the soldiers from the area and transferred them to the Israeli Civil Administration. The Palestinian officers then went back for the vehicle and brought it to an IDF checkpoint. A firearm was stolen from the IDF vehicle and the Palestinian authorities returned it a day later.