Niv Nehemiah became a hero two months ago, when he fought off the terrorist who showed up at the supermarket where he works in Yavneh and attacked him with a knife. His rehabilitation process has been a long and difficult one and his daily routine primarily consists of medical treatments and hospital visits. In an interview with Channel 2 News, he recalls the terrifying attack and why it was important for him to go to court to look the terrorist in the eye.

Watch: Footage of the terror attack in the Yavne supermarket

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Two months have passed since Niv Nehemiah, who fought off a terrorist in an attack at a Yavne supermarket, became a hero. Both Nehemiah and the terrorist left their houses at around the same time that morning: Niv from his home in Kiryat Ekron to prepare the branch for the first customers of the day, and 19-year-oldIsmail Ibrahim Abu Aram, from his home in Kfar Yatta with the clear intention of carrying out a terror attack.

Shortly before 11 am they met for the first time. “He asked me where the bathroom was,” Nehemiah said. “Fifteen minutes later, what happened happened.” While Nehemiah, with his back to the terrorist, was busy arranging products on the supermarket shelf, the terrorist pulled out a knife he had taken from the store and began stabbing him mercilessly. “I remember every minute of the stabbing,” he recalled. “No matter how much I tried to scream, the only person who heard me was me.” For a few long moments, Nehemiah fought back bravely and bare-handedly managed to hold him off and even knocked the knife out of his hand.

Niv Nehemia recalls the terror attack

Niv Nehemia recalls the terror attack Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

Meanwhile, customers and employees began to flee the supermarket. “I started to choke, and I was struggling with him in the process,” recalls Nehemiah. “I remember that my main thought was that I was fighting for my life- for my children and for my wife.” He was eventually evacuated to the Kaplan Medical Center in critical condition with stabs wounds in his neck, head, and chest. Nehemiah was hospitalized for almost a month and underwent numerous complex operations.

When the terrorist’s case was brought before the court, it was important for Nehemiah to be there to look his attacker in the eye. “It’s not to show off that I won and came out a hero,” he said. “It’s to show the people of Israel that we were able to once again stand up to the same terrorism and win.”