Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu led his cabinet in a weekly meeting, recapping events from the previous week regarding the World Economic Forum, speaking about his upcoming meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin and denouncing the new Polish bill.

Netanyahu addresses Knesset during a plenum in 2016

Netanyahu addresses Knesset during a plenum in 2016 Photo Credit: Haim Zach/GPO

On Sunday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed his cabinet during the weekly cabinet meeting, discussing events from the previous week. Netanyahu spoke about his meetings with world leaders at the World Economic Forum, his upcoming meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin and the recent Polish law that criminally punishes claims of Polish responsibility during the Holocaust or those who refer to Holocaust sites as “Polish Death Camps.”

Netanyahu spoke of his meeting with US President Donald Trump at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, and again praised him for his “historic” announcement declaring Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. He also spoke with Trump and other leaders to either “nix or fix” the Iran nuclear deal.

At the World Economic Forum, Netanyahu also met with several technology moguls discussing Israel’s future in the technological world. “We are turning Israel into a rising global power,” Netanyahu told the cabinet members. Netanyahu also stated that he worked in Davos to encourage international companies to “invest in Israel.”

Netanyahu mentioned his upcoming visit with President Putin, stating that they will discuss “various regional developments, enhanced security coordination between the IDF and the Russian military forces in Syria and a series of issues that are important- very important- for Israel’s security.” He will also be attending the opening of an exhibit on the 1943 Sobibor uprising at the Jewish Museum and Tolerance in Moscow.

With the discussion of his upcoming trip to Russia, he elaborated on the recent Polish bill that strives to remove Polish responsibility from the Holocaust and the war crimes of Nazi Germany. Netanyahu stated that Israel will not stand for the attempt to “rewrite” history. The bill has two more stages of legislation before potentially becoming a bill.