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Netanyahu’s former top aide received full immunity in exchange for turning state’s evidence

It was revealed on Monday evening that Nir Hefetz, who recently turned state’s evidence in the latest corruption case involving Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, received full immunity in exchange for his testimony and cooperation.

Netanyahu and Hefetz Photo Credit: Yossi Zamir/Flash 90

The information and evidence that Nir Hefetz is planning to give the police officers investigating Case 4000 could be enough to substantiate the suspicions against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, according to Israel’s Hadashot news. Hefetz, a Netanyahu family confidant who previously served as the prime minister’s media adviser, turned state’s evidence late Sunday night, becoming the second state witness in the latest graft investigation surrounding Netanyahu.

According to reports, Hefetz will receive full immunity for his testimony. It is believed that he possesses tapes of conversations in which Netanyahu’s name comes up, which could serve as incriminating evidence against the suspects in the case. The negotiations between Hefetz’s lawyer and the State Attorney’s Office began last week. Initially, the State Attorney’s Office demanded that Hefetz serve a sentence due to his involvement in the scandal.

In response to the reports about Hefetz turning state’s evidence, Netanyahu’s associates said: “When there’s really something, not even one state witness is needed. When there isn’t, not even a thousand state witnesses will help. The constant pursuit of state witnesses is the best proof that there’s nothing and there won’t be anything.”

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