On Friday night, it was reported that a new investigation into Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu could be launched soon. The Israel Police is reviewing the claims that Netanyahu hired private investigators to look into the police officers involved in the corruption investigations into him.


Netanyahu Photo Credit: Hillel Maeir/TPS

It was first reported by Israel News Company on Friday night that the Israel Police is taking seriously the claims that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu hired private investigators to look into the police officers involved in the graft investigations into him. The claims are currently being reviewed.

However, according to the Israel Police, the review could lead to the opening of a new investigation into Netanyahu. “Don’t fall from your chair if there’s an Affair 5,000,” police officers told Israel News Company, adding that Netanyahu may have hired a cyber firm in London to track the investigators.

In a Facebook post on Friday evening, Netanyahu attacked Maj. Gen. Roni Rittman, the head of the Israel Police’s anti-corruption unit Lahav 433. According to Netanyahu, Rittman should have recused himself from the two graft investigations into him.

“When police investigators believe such delusional and false claims that the prime minister acted against them personally and sent investigators against them, how can they objectively question him and file recommendations against him?” Netanyahu wrote in the post. “We were shocked to discover that this is exactly what happened.”

“First of all, we learned of a letter sent on behalf of head of the investigation unit Rittman to [then] Attorney General Weinstein in which Rittman’s lawyers implied that the prime minister sent the female officer who complained that he sexually harassed her,” Netanyahu continued. “At the same moment, Rittman should have recused himself from the investigations.” Netanyahu then claimed that the investigators involved in the probes also believe other outlandish “conspiracy theories.”

“You decide: what does this say about the integrity of the investigation and what does this say about the nature of the recommendations,” he concluded.

On Wednesday, the investigators said that they believe there is sufficient evidence to merit an indictment against Netanyahu for corruption, prompting the Israeli prime minister to take to Facebook several times this week to question the credibility of the police investigations into him.