Following a several-month respite into the investigations of the Netanyahu-Mozes and gift affairs and in the wake of recent legislative attempts being made against law enforcement, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was summoned for additional questioning concerning the affairs in which he is suspected of bribery.

Investigations into Netanyahu continue

Investigations into Netanyahu continue Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

In the wake of the recent coalition-proposed bill against law enforcement, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will be questioned this afternoon (Thursday) concerning the two cases in which he is suspected of bribery – Case File 1000 (the gift affair) and Case File 2000 (the Netanyahu-Mozes affair). 

This will be Netanyahu’s fifth questioning after a respite of several months and later, he will be required to provide a testimony for Case File 3000 (the submarine affair), in which he is not a suspect.

The Israel Police and the Israeli State Attorney are certain that at least two or three additional questionings will be necessary after this one. During the upcoming inquiries, Netanyahu will be questioned about the two cases due to significant developments within the last inquiry, which occurred seven months ago.

“We aren’t confirming the existence of planned investigative activities,” the Israel Police said in a statement. “The Israel Police, in accordance with the legal guidelines, only updates at the end of an investigation as required by these directives.”