Along with the gifts affair and case file 2000, Amnon Abramovitz told the Israel News Company that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu could become a suspect in the submarine affair. Investigators are deliberating whether to invite Netanyahu to provide testimony or to go straight into the investigation.

Netanyahu expected to be questioned as part of submarine probe

Netanyahu expected to be questioned as part of submarine probe Photo Credit: GPO

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will likely either provide testimony or be questioned with caution as part of the submarine and sea craft affair, case file 3000. Netanyahu will be asked to provide an open testimony and then he will be questioned with caution. As the investigation progresses, indictments are expected to be filed against the main defendants: David Shimron, Avriel Bar-Yosef, Eli Marom and David Sharan. An indictment likely will not be filed against Netanyahu’s adviser Attorney Yitzhak Molcho.

It is possible that before Netanyahu is summoned to testify for case file 3000, the Israel Police will turn to Israeli Attorney General Avichai Mendelblit in order to request his approval to summon Israeli Energy Minister Yuval Steinitz for his open testimony. Steinitz is a former Intelligence and Strategic Affairs Minister, a position allegedly involved in the submarine deal.

The investigations into the other case files are also progressing. Case file 1000 contains potential bribery charges, but there is no debate regarding the fraud and breach of trust offenses.