A video that was recorded during the Umm al-Hiran incident shows police officers pepper-spraying Joint Arab List chairman MK Ayman Odeh. The investigation into the incident was recently reopened and the video is apparently the focus of the probe.

Watch: New footage shows officers pepper-spraying Arab MK


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Footage that was released Wednesday shows Israeli police officers spraying pepper spray into the eyes of Joint Arab List chairman MK Ayman Odeh during the incident in Umm al-Hiran, which made headlines earlier this year.

The video, which was recorded by an Al Jazeera cameraman, is apparently in the center of the Israeli Justice Ministry’s Police Internal Investigations Department investigation, which was reopened a few days ago.

The footage of Ayman Odeh

The footage of Ayman Odeh Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

According to Odeh, after he heard gunshots, he tried to reach the scene in order to see if someone had been injured. He said that he tried to use his parliamentary immunity in order to gain access to the scene but the officers prevented him from getting any closer. Odeh claimed that they pushed him and used violence in order to remove him from the area.