Amin Saadi Muhammad Jumaa who was indicted for planning a terror attack against Israeli military vessels has denied being a PIJ terrorist and claimed he was only a fisherman. He had previously relayed to his interrogators the details of the planned attack. “I didn’t want to blow up the boats,” Jumaa said on Wednesday. “This wasn’t my intention.”

Israeli Navy's Saar 5

Israeli Navy’s Saar 5 Moshe Milner/GPO

Amin Saadi Muhammad Jumaa who was indicted on Wednesday morning of planning a terrorist attack against the Israeli navy has denied having intentions of attacking a military boat. Jumaa was detained in March after he was found on board a boat the IDF said was collecting intelligence on navy vessels in preparation for the attack.

“I didn’t want to blow up the boats,” Jumaa said on Wednesday. “This wasn’t my intention.” Jumma’s attorney, Muhammad Jabarin, claimed his client was not a member of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, but a fisherman who has received money. Speaking to Ynet news, Jabarin said: “It’s true that his phone contained photographs of the Israeli Navy’s boats, but that doesn’t mean he took them to carry out a terror attack.”

According to the bill of indictment, a PIJ commander offered Jumaa and several other Palestinians 5,000 dollars in exchange for participating in the terror attack. Since then, Jumaa had apparently carried out several espionage missions on his family’s fishing boat, during which he photographed Israeli navy vessels.

Jumaa had then sent the photographs and other military information to the PIJ terrorist who was overseeing the plot, Ahmad Maqdad. Furthermore, the indictment stated Jumaa had previously aided and abetted a Hamas terrorist several years ago, including assisting in the transfer of 500kg of explosive materials from Egypt to the Gaza Strip.

As reported by JOL earlier on Wednesday, Jumaa had told Israeli interrogators after he was detained that the group’s plan was for one fishing boat to act as a diversion by leaving the fishing zone near Gaza, a second boat would attack an IDF ship with a Kornet (anti-tank) missile and a third boat would then arrive and take hostages and the bodies of those killed.