Israeli settlers were seen hiking near Qusra on Monday morning even though the IDF had declared the area a closed military zone following an incident last week. Clashes eventually broke out between the settlers and Palestinians. According to Arab media outlets, a Palestinian was killed.

Watch: Palestinians roll a boulder toward Israeli settlers and soldiers

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Arab media outlets reported Monday that a Palestinian man was fatally injured by gunfire near Qusra when clashes broke out between Israeli settlers and Palestinians. The incident took place just a few days after a group of Palestinians attacked young Israeli settlers who were hiking in the area.  

The Palestinians threw stones and even rolled a boulder toward the Israelis, who were accompanied by soldiers. The B’Tselem organization stated: “We received a report about a dead Palestinian after a large group of settlers and military [personnel] entered Qusra in several locations. There are clashes at the scene.”

Near Qusra, today

Near Qusra, today Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

According to the IDF, following last week’s incident, it was decided to declare the open areas near Qusra closed military zones, meaning that both settlers and Palestinians were supposed to be forbidden from entering them. However, soldiers were seen accompanying the settlers this morning.